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AmFed Insurance Group celebrates 25 years!



March 1, 2018, Ridgeland, Mississippi – AmFed Insurance Group is proud to announce completion of its 25th year in business. 


AmFed was founded in 1993 by Billy Roberts, President and CEO. Over these 2 ½ decades, the company has been the leader in quality of service and innovation to the Mississippi Workers' Compensation marketplace. From its beginnings as a trailblazer in the residual market, AmFed helped stabilize the workers' compensation system which serves the needs of employers and employees that have suffered on the job injuries. Today, AmFed is licensed in eleven (11) states, primarily in the southeast and provides both workers compensation insurance and third - party administration services to self-insured employers. Most recently the company was awarded an A- (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating by A.M. Best, the world’s leading provider of insurance company rating services. 


“The success of our company is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of our staff in providing extraordinary value to our independent agency partners and customers. We are particularly proud of the company’s continuous community service projects and look forward to all the years ahead.” 

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AmFed Insurance Group upgraded to "A-" Rating by A.M. Best


AmFed National Insurance Company, a Mississippi domiciled insurance company and its wholly-owned subsidiary AmFed Casualty are pleased to announce their Financial Strength Rating has been upgraded to "A-" (Excellent) from B++ (Good) by A.M. Best Company, the leading provider of ratings, news and financial data for the insurance industry worldwide. The outlook for the rating is Stable.

This achievement demonstrates AmFed Insurance Group strong financial position and its history of successful performance in its marketplace.

According to A.M. Best, the rating upgrade reflects AmFed’s strong risk-adjusted capitalization, solid operating performance, generally favorable loss reserve development trend and established market presence providing Workers' Compensation insurance.

The rating upgrade provides our policyholders with additional confidence in AmFed’s ability to meet our financial obligations. AmFed looks forward to our continuing providing unparalleled quality service to our insureds and the independent agents.

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Please help to support Kids' Chance by donating today.

Kids' Chance believes that we can make a significant difference in the lives of all children affected by a workplace injury by helping them pursue and achieve their educational goals. 



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Hurricane Claim Contacts


  • American Modern Commercial Property

Fax: 1-513-388-5155


  • American Modern Commercial Personal Property

Fax: 1-513-947-4040


  • Century Surety



  • Endurance

24x7 Hotline: 1-877-676-7575


  • Great Lakes - Dwelpk,Homepk,Homepk Plus



  • ICAT

Fax: 1-866325-2142


  • Lexington


Emergency Egress: Are You Prepared?

Knowing where building exits are located sounds simple but communicating where they are is crucial to prepare for an emergency.  OSHA has strict rules about how emergency exits should be constructed and how emergency plans should be communicated to employees.  In the case of a fire or other crisis, proper emergency exit policy could be a matter of life or death.  

29 CRF 1910 Subpart E describes the standards for exit routes and emergency planning, which includes basic requirements for an adequate number and capacity of routes, permanence of routes, appropriate discharge, height and width requirements, and door specifications.  Employers are required to keep exit routes clear of obstructions, maintain appropriate lighting and signage, and ensure that doors are unlocked.  Further, employers are required to have written emergency plans that are communicated regularly and clearly to employees.

Emergency egress is a crucial tool to help keep workers safe in an emergency.


information obtained from Workplace Safety

eBaoTech Selected by AmFed for Policy Administration

JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- AmFed National Insurance Company based in Ridgeland, Mississippi has selected eBaoTech Collaborus via Cloud Platform for policy administration processing for its Homeowners, Dwelling, and Workers Compensation (Voluntary and Assigned) products. AmFed selected Collaborus to improve business processing capabilities and customer service, while reducing operating expense. Via eBao Cloud™ and Amazon Web Services, AmFed will be able to improve overall operational efficiency, including faster product launches, shorter customer response time and lower operating costs. The first product to go into production will be Homeowners in the summer 2016. AmFed and eBaoTech will also be exploring "fast prototyping" of AmFed products in other US states via digital, as AmFed seeks to disrupt traditional insurance product design and distribution methods.

Greg McLemore, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AmFed National Insurance Company, said, "Collaborus has enabled us to step into a state of the art product at an incredible speed. Transitioning from proprietary and purchased applications to a single policy system with Collaborus makes us look and feel like a much larger company. The flexible system will enhance our speed to market and allow us to take advantage of future market opportunities."

"We are honored that AmFed National Insurance Company is entering into this long-term and strategic partnership with eBaoTech. AmFed's forward-thinking strategy of adopting a digital ecosystem to enable fast product development and speed-to-market mirrors a growing interest we see globally in our cloud offering and similar relationships with other insurance carriers," said Woody Mo, CEO of eBaoTech. "eBaoTech looks forward to assisting AmFed in achieving the maximum effect and promise of eBao Cloud™ in short order."

AmFed is a leading provider of insurance solutions and has been providing Workers' compensation coverages since 1993. As a regional, fully-insured insurance company AmFed provides solutions such as Workers' Compensation insurance in addition to third party administration services for self-insured groups and individual self-insureds. Our managing general agency provides specialty, excess, and surplus lines coverages for personal and commercial insureds. For more information, visit

eBaoTech delivers standards-based, highly configurable insurance software solutions to both property and casualty (P&C) and life insurers. Its software products enable insurers to realize cost-effective, scalable, flexible and highly automated insurance operations in an ever-changing environment. With offices in eleven countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, and deployments in more than 20 countries, eBaoTech has extensive global presence to serve leading insurance companies. For more information, visit

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Developing a Good Safety Character - January 2016 ABC Safety Tool Box Talks


 A message from Mark Willcutt, CHST

As far as definitions go, Safety can have several definitions. A definition that I prefer and use often is “Safety is the act of doing the job correctly.” In other words, if you are following all the directions of how to use a tool or perform a task, they include eliminating hazards and using safety procedures to do the job correctly. Character is often defined as the way as person acts when no one is watching. The challenge to us as Safety Professionals is to educate and convince people that these two definitions should go hand in hand. No one really wants to be the “safety police”, yet how many times are we on a job and see people scrambling for their proper PPE when they see us coming? That shows a poor culture on a job. Years ago I remember seeing a tee shirt that was handed out that said, “I was caught…working safely on the job.” To me that sends out the wrong signal. Sure, we all expect our workers to work safely all the time, but do we believe they do it? A true barometer of a good safety character is how a person works at their home. Have you ever driven by and seen someone using a weed eater with all the proper PPE on? Have you ever been told by someone that they were working on a project at home and were wearing their PPE, the way they do at work, and it prevented an injury? That person has a good safety character. Unfortunately, more often than not, we hear just the opposite. Someone falls out of a deer stand, falls off a ladder, suffers an eye injury while building something at home or other injury away from the work place that also affects their work on the job.


A few years ago, one of our Safety Professionals started handing out dark safety glasses to our Maintenance crews to take home and use when working outside around the house. These crews typically only work inside and don’t use dark tinted safety glasses at work. All we could do was hope they were actually using them at home. Then, about a year later, some of the workers came up asking for a new pair because theirs needed replacing. That told us they were using them and we were probably benefitting at work because our workers were showing up to work without a non-work-related eye injury.


We are always educating our workers on how to do their job safely. We also need to help educate them on how to work safely at home. Hopefully, when they see that we are trying to help protect them (and their family) at home, it will help them develop a good Safety Character.



By:  Mark Willcutt, CHST

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